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29 September 14 - 473 notes

Gayle, suggested by mayor-of-cartel! She’s so pink and lovely! <3
Alligators have really weirdly shaped faces, guys. Getting this girl done was a little tough! I’ll be doing a couple more of the suggestions, so keep an eye out for ‘em. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to do them all. I’m really sorry about that. :(
Also - I always feel terribly self-conscious every time I sign my pictures. I really wish I could get over that feeling. x_x; 29 September 14 - 356 notes

ISABELLE IS THE PINNACLE OF PERFECTION! 29 September 14 - 5,273 notes
29 September 14 - 344 notes
29 September 14 - 4,079 notes

If you don’t have ACNL by now (or just want another copy), it’s on sale for $19.99 on the eShop through the 2nd of October. 28 September 14 - 3,006 notes
25 September 14 - 474 notes

If only we could actually cook in acnl, it would be perfect.
22 September 14 - 1,750 notes

Hey I’m trying to get some money to buy polymer clay and art supplies and stuff. If you are thinking about using feature points I would appreciate it if you used my referral code. Please and thank you! or 98dsfx
If you do let me know and show me proof I guess and I’ll draw you something :)

22 September 14 - 11 notes

Someone send me a feature points referral code pls

22 September 14 - 3 notes